The Flirting Swordsman

Well hello there, hunnies! I bet you came all this way to see me, didn't you? Well, I hope you can stay and talk.

Oh, and I don't really talk to guys. Sorry, fellas.

{Independent Roleplay blog for Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia. I play him as a mix of during and post game, but I'm willing to roleplay him at any time, with anyone! (Even the guys, whether he likes it or not.)}



“Apparently I’m being watched by a drunk who thinks she’s a bisexual star.”

"She’s oddly fixated on you and your girlfriend. Maybe you should go kiss her and see what happens?"

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Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day.

You found me.


You stare.

It’s rare of you to see him so unguarded.

And surprisingly, your heart stops. Or did it speed up? You do not know. All you know is that you can hardly breathe.

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Fallin’ down can feel strangeNo one remembers your nameYou’re losin’ the gameThat’s the thing about trustIt’s always the sameSad story againYou lose all your friendsThat’s the thing about trust

Fallin’ down can feel strange
No one remembers your name
You’re losin’ the game
That’s the thing about trust
It’s always the same
Sad story again
You lose all your friends
That’s the thing about trust

{ Help I was wrong I had one more }

{ Help I was wrong I had one more }

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{ Happy Valentine’s Day! }

{ Happy Valentine’s Day! }

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